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  1. A regular cast of characters make reappearances in many different books.
  2. He also makes a reappearance in " The Black Island ".
  3. But the proceedings are interrupted by the reappearance of Chancellor Braxiatel.
  4. Khan Tokhtamysh s reappearance in Iran forced Timur to temporarily withdraw.
  5. The reappearance of the church still brings visitors to the area.
  6. Akai Osei joining the team includes the reappearance of Dance Download.
  7. Sharon's reappearance would have horrified Israel's Arab neighbors.
  8. Wheatley said when the questions came about his sudden reappearance.
  9. Another issue is the reappearance of an old court case.
  10. reappearance of her former lover and his ex-wife.
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  1. the act of someone appearing again; "his reappearance as Hamlet has been long awaited"
  2. the event of something appearing again; "the reappearance of Halley''s comet"

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