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  1. Ready about, or boutship, is the order to prepare for tacking ."
  2. Ready about four days later, it has a sweet and sour taste.
  3. _Corn is ready about three weeks after the silks appear.
  4. He had a story ready about taking a load of laundry to a cleaner.
  5. Prepare this so it will be ready about 30 minutes before the lamb is done.
  6. So, luckily, I was able to just get it ready about a week or two later.
  7. The customized golf balls will be ready about three days after your artwork and order is received.
  8. By early March, Dole was laying off staff and already had a joke ready about his scheduling.
  9. The medium ones are usually ready about a week later, the small ones a week after that.
  10. Despite intermittent showers, the 2.5-mile ( 4-kilometer ) track was dried and ready about an hour after the scheduled start.

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