racehorse meaning in Hindi

[ 'reishɔ:s ] sound:
racehorse sentence in Hindi
घुड़दौड़ का घोड़ा
दौड़ का घोड़ा
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  1. We think this racehorse is going to be an incredible player.
  2. He was not happy to paint a racehorse winning a race.
  3. That's why he was a great racehorse ."
  4. He's a very well-rounded racehorse ."
  5. Why were Howard and Smith so attracted to this fledgling racehorse?
  6. Ordinarily, people would call a racehorse trainer like this crazy.
  7. I'm not a racehorse, " he said.
  8. She was voted New Zealand racehorse of the year four times.
  9. There are also many successful professional racehorse trainers based in Devon.
  10. Tunku's racing interests included the champion racehorse Think Big.
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  1. a horse bred for racing

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