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[ 'reiskɔ:s ] sound:
racecourse sentence in Hindi
• घुड़दौड़ का मैदान
• घुड़दौड़ का मैदान
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  1. $3.4b expected for prime site overlooking racecourse, HONGKONG
  2. But racecourse manager Gerard Grandchamp warned of more rain to come.
  3. Both horse and Australian jockey Justin Sheehan walked off the racecourse.
  4. Yachts reached the racecourse Saturday before a further abandonment was announced.
  5. On 4 June 1899 Loubet was assaulted on the Longchamp Racecourse.
  6. The racecourse in Inner Mongolia has not been active after 2012.
  7. An airfield was opened in 1930 on land near the racecourse.
  8. Other venues in Wales were the Racecourse Ground and Stradey Park.
  9. Venues include the Happy Valley Racecourse and the New central Harbourfront.
  10. The racecourse serves flat racing in the spring and summer months.
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  1. a course over which races are run
    synonyms:racetrack, raceway, track

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