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[ 'kwɔntifaiəbl ] sound:
quantifiable sentence in Hindi
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  1. But is there really a quantifiable deficiency among so many students?
  2. And we need to see some quantifiable results by first quarter.
  3. The other shifts, if less quantifiable, are equally profound.
  4. How well these things worked was rarely quantifiable, even today.
  5. By contrast, management of people is a lot less quantifiable.
  6. Early theorists of utility considered that it had physically quantifiable attributes.
  7. Slovic and team found that perceived risk is quantifiable and predictable.
  8. By the way I realize that Theology is not exactly quantifiable.
  9. :" Love for dogs " is not a quantifiable metric.
  10. The value of Broadway's national presence is quantifiable.
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  1. capable of being quantified

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