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  1. Brevard remains quieter and quainter than much of the mountains.
  2. And they certainly don't long for quainter times.
  3. Such polite deference is not just an anachronism, a throwback to a quainter age.
  4. In quainter times, Devil s Night tricks involved egging windows and toilet-papering trees.
  5. In the postwar boom, the family began adding tall modern wings that contrasted sharply with quainter neighboring hotels.
  6. But they are falling, one by one, as land grows more valuable and alley-style residences seem ever quainter.
  7. And Otten has been pushing hard in Britain, pitching New England skiing as much closer _ and quainter _ than the huge Rocky Mountain resorts.
  8. One of the quainter anecdotes about emeralds was told by the 16th-century historian Matthew 11 : 11 ) which referred to John the Baptist.
  9. The director Joe Dowling, an Irishman with a clear-eyed view of his countrymen, eschews easy sentimentality and the tendency of American directors to make Irish drama quainter than it really is.
  10. And it is a good idea to arrange for a long weekend, because some of the places in town _ particularly the quainter bed-and-breakfasts and the snazzier inns _ have a three-night minimum.
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