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[ 'kwægmaiə ] sound:
quagmire sentence in Hindi
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  1. Our musical difficulties are but the prelude to a moral quagmire.
  2. The depressing answer is anchored in the quagmire of creeping socialism.
  3. Kennedy stayed away from the political quagmire that was Northern Ireland.
  4. The Hudson casino matter has become a political quagmire for Babbitt.
  5. The opposite way remembers Vietnam and avoids quagmires at all cost.
  6. Is it 1960s Southeast Asia, a quagmire with little promise?
  7. They want out of this quagmire in a very bad way.
  8. Not to mention the quagmire of determining who should be compensated.
  9. The case has been a quagmire since it entered the courts.
  10. Rain turned Augusta National into a mud quagmire during the Masters.
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  1. a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot
    synonyms:, , ,

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