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• शोधन तंत्र
purification:    शोधक शोधन
system:    सिस्टम क्रम डौल
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  1. US Army tactical water purification systems require a winter kit operate between.
  2. He also has water purification systems costing $ 70 to $ 125.
  3. Water purification systems can be bought for about US $ 1, 000.
  4. But power plants remained off line and, with them, telephones and water-purification systems.
  5. It could be used in sewage treatment plants or in home purification systems.
  6. The hospital's maternity ward has received U . S . water purification systems.
  7. About 4.6 million home water purification systems were shipped last year, Moes said.
  8. The purification system cost about 2.4 billion lire ( dlrs 1.4 million ).
  9. A highly sophisticated water purification system was designed to supply water in the township.
  10. Furthermore, the water purification system and the projector media player are also acting up.
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