promissory meaning in Hindi

[ 'prɔmisəri ] sound:
promissory sentence in Hindi
• तमस्सुक
• प्रतिज्ञा विशिष्ट
• अन्तरीप
• इकरारी
• प्रतिज्ञा युक्त
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  1. Promissory notes are the equivalent of fixed deposits at commercial banks.
  2. Promissory notes, or scrip, were issued to raise money.
  3. If the mahr was in promissory form then upon talaq ).
  4. The promissory notes rose 1.3 reais to 22.90.
  5. Everybody else gets a US jersey and a promissory note.
  6. The Kirklands hadn't heard of promissory notes before they invested.
  7. Buyers typically finance their cars with promissory notes at 18 percent interest.
  8. The community development district has issued two promissory notes to cover costs.
  9. He has refused to comment on the promissory notes during the campaign.
  10. Narrative : Smith paid off the promissory note in November.
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  1. relating to or having the character of a promise; "promissory note"

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