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  1. Various manufacturers produced preselector transmissions under licence to the Wilson patents.
  2. There are several radically different mechanical designs of preselector gearbox.
  3. The transmission was either a four speed manual or optional preselector gearbox.
  4. Preselector gearboxes are not automatic gearboxes, although they may have internal similarities.
  5. Drive was to the rear wheels via a preselector gearbox and helical bevel axle.
  6. The epicyclic preselector gearbox allowed a clear flat floor for driver and front seat passenger.
  7. :Don't confuse the 1930's preselector with the modern paddle shifters.
  8. Their venture was intended to capitalize on a promising preselector gearbox invented for heavy vehicles.
  9. The company was awarded a Wilson preselector gearbox used from 1930 to the mid-1950s.
  10. This was coupled through a fluid flywheel to an epicyclic preselector 4-speed gear box.
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