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  1. Hare originally proposed prescriptivism as a kind of amendment to emotivism.
  2. Prescriptivism is also supported by the actual way of speaking.
  3. Prescriptivism can fit the theist idea of morality as obedience towards god.
  4. Government bureaucracy tends toward prescriptivism as a means of enforcing functional continuity.
  5. :Anti-prescriptivism is a self-refuting idea.
  6. This makes prescriptivism a cognitivism ( including both moral realism and ethical subjectivism ).
  7. Requiring commas would be extremely silly prescriptivism.
  8. The Croatian avoidance of " da li " is largely an expression of prescriptivism.
  9. He speaks approvingly of the recent shift of focus in English language education away from prescriptivism.
  10. :So, you're asking for answers in the vein of linguistic prescriptivism, right?
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