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  1. The 6-foot butterball is an effective run-plugger.
  2. "I'm a plugger, not a wizard.
  3. Plus I'm the plugger ( linebacker ) on defense.
  4. He badgered song pluggers for professional copies of sheet music.
  5. Hit radio was a threat to the wages of song-pluggers.
  6. Among the ranks of song pluggers were George Gershwin and Harry Warren.
  7. Worked as chorus boy, shipping clerk, pool hustler, song plugger.
  8. Leo Feist had sold corsets, and song pluggers " coming and going.
  9. I was a huge fan . . . I was promoted to plugger.
  10. Ciara now works at Universal Music Group in London as a Song plugger.
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  1. someone who is an active supporter and advocate

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