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  1. Sodium palmitate is permitted as a natural additive in organic products.
  2. Chemically, ethyl palmitate is the ethyl ester of palmitic acid.
  3. The cetyl ester of palmitic acid ( cetyl palmitate ) occurs in spermaceti.
  4. Retinyl palmitate is also a constituent of some topically applied skin care products.
  5. The XF Palmitate-BSA FAO Reagent is a solution absorbed by cells.
  6. Testosterone palmitate is a longer-chain ester of testosterone compared to testosterone undecanoate.
  7. Thus, the two CoA and palmitate.
  8. Another compound, vitamin C palmitate, is used in some cosmetics but not in milk.
  9. Q . New skim milk and low-fat milk and cream products contain something called palmitate.
  10. "' Isopropyl palmitate "'is the ester of isopropyl alcohol and palmitic acid.
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