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  1. "Palmistry by Elvira " and " Bellydance!
  2. From India, palmistry progressed to Greece where Anaxagoras practiced it.
  3. After a few years I became a firm believer in palmistry.
  4. The ancient practice of palmistry was viewed as a science.
  5. Jilly has written books on wine and food and palmistry.
  6. Kaye also read her tribemates palms using her knowledge in basic palmistry.
  7. The dholi are also involved in jugglery, palmistry and fortune telling.
  8. He believed in palmistry, phrenology, astrology and dianetics.
  9. When I started I did not believe in palmistry.
  10. I had books on demonic possession, exorcism, palmistry, and dowsing.
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