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निवेश-निर्गत विश्लेषण
output:    उत्पाद उत्पादन
analysis:    विश्लेषण
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  1. The core curriculum of this department was microeconomics, input-output analysis, location theory, and statistics.
  2. The matrix integrates material flow data into input-output analysis.
  3. At NYU, he continued to expand his work on input-output analysis and helped foreign nations adopt it.
  4. She is active in the fields of ecological economics and industrial ecology and employs Input-Output Analysis in her work.
  5. As a result, the benefits of consistent and detailed planning through input-output analysis was never realized in the Soviet-type economies.
  6. He was one of the early developers of Input-Output analysis, by proposing mathematical methods to determine of full labour costs.
  7. Using input-output analysis, researchers have attempted for decades to account for both producers and consumers in an economy in a consistent way.
  8. The analysis assumes that input proportions are fixed; thus the use of input-output analysis is limited to rough approximations rather than prediction.
  9. REAL's capabilities revolve around comprehensive state and metropolitan models that integrate econometric and input-output analysis to provide for both impact and forecasting analyses.
  10. Harvard gave him a research assistant and a $ 2, 000 grant to develop the basic system of input-output analysis that the world was to adopt.
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