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  1. Mills is the founder and president of Prophetic Outpour Church of Michigan.
  2. I have been overwhelmed with the outpour of support and encouragement for this direction.
  3. Her death saw an outpour of public grief and tributes rarely bestowed upon civilians.
  4. After nine goals in the three first-round games, the offensive outpour was reduced to a trickle.
  5. There was a great outpour of public on roads to greet Chaudhry when he traveled to address bar associations.
  6. There was a huge outpour of grief and support from his community and friends and fellow soldiers when he died.
  7. Although the wound was not serious, it caused a great outpour of blood, which could not be halted.
  8. In an outpour of support, 62 colleagues and looping stream of 62 thank yous, anecdotes, and admiring testimonials.
  9. It is interpreted as part of the Deccan Traps, which arose from the " tumultuous outpour of lava beyond 106 cubic km in volume.
  10. He was among dozens of Turks and Turkish Americans who filled one section of the stands at Monday's competition in a joyous outpour of adoration.
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