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  1. Ellis did outpoint Vince Phillips last year, no small feat.
  2. In the quarter finals, Muruli would outpoint Guyanese Reginald Forde.
  3. He went on to clearly outpoint and hurt Peter Ohkello.
  4. He was only able to outpoint little-known Carlos Rios in February.
  5. He can move away from me and outpoint me.
  6. He came back four years later to outpoint James Leija and win the title.
  7. Bicknell said he had hoped to outpoint Graves in Johnson County and the Wichita area.
  8. The object is to outpoint your opponent.
  9. Gene Tunney outpoints Jack Dempsey after surviving the " long count " in 1927.
  10. In a return fight, at Miami last March, Carnera managed to outpoint Maloney ."
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  1. score more points than one''s opponents
  2. sail closer to the wind than

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