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• बेहतर खेलना
• हरा देना
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  1. But if you outplay a guy, you outplay a guy.
  2. But if you outplay a guy, you outplay a guy.
  3. We knew we had to outplay their defense and we did.
  4. If anything, we should outplay teams in the third period.
  5. Latrell Sprewell outplays him one night, Jerry Stackhouse the next.
  6. On the opposition side were second violins hoping to outplay them.
  7. Williams often outran her opponent, but did not outplay her.
  8. Germany didn't outplay Paraguay, we played them equally.
  9. I don't think we're going to outplay them.
  10. But it's unlikely a true freshman can outplay four returnees.
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  1. excel or defeat in a game; "The Knicks outplayed the Lakers"

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