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  1. Britten's Puck is pitiably under the power of Oberon.
  2. In this case, Oberon feels sorry for the weaker person.
  3. Anthony Dean Griffey, another tenor, was the steady Oberon.
  4. It's bust-a-gut time for Oberon.
  5. The name Oberon was derived from Umbriel, the year before.
  6. Oberon arrives, and asks Corwin for some of his blood.
  7. Oberon tells Corwin that the raven will follow him through shadow.
  8. The compiler is written on Oberon-2 and compiles itself.
  9. After leaving Oberon in 2011, she briefly worked at Zynga.
  10. Scott befriended Brown's assistant, a dwarf named Oberon.

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