notches meaning in Hindi

notches sentence in Hindi
• चिह्न
• ताख
• दर्रा
• दांत
• निशान
• स्तर
• दाग़
• कटाव

• नांच
• छेद काटना
• दांते देना
• दांते बनाना
• निशाना साधना
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  1. PrintMaster Gold's floppy disk version is top-notch.
  2. The four starters definitely need to step it up a notch,
  3. Miami Lakes showed Lester as a top-notch land planner,
  4. So what if it means loosening another notch on the belt?
  5. I wanted to come in and pick things up a notch.
  6. Incredible athletes, top-notch college basketball and March Madness.
  7. And club officials say the AMC loses money in Pinkham Notch.
  8. The Rabb REIT is only a few notches up from Arlington.
  9. It would also be another notch on Joshua's alpenstock.
  10. The V notch allows the saw to cut into the work.
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