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  1. His label is notching a record year so far in 1999.
  2. Mike Keenan is fourth, notching 200 victories in 357 games.
  3. Fiorentina and Parma both tuned up by notching league victories Sunday.
  4. Rovanpera was the fastest driver Saturday, notching four stage victories.
  5. Machine notching and folding ensures that the shingles have uniform dimensions.
  6. "He's really notching up the stakes.
  7. "Aiken's notching up, " says Ritter.
  8. Joseph blocked 21 shots in notching his first shutout of the season.
  9. Friesinger won three of the four titles, with Pechstein notching one.
  10. Striker Ernesto Chevanton joins after notching 19 goals for Lecce last season.
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