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  1. The required media access control is taken from IEEE 802.15.4, a radio standard.
  2. There are generally two forms of media access control : distributed and centralized.
  3. Logical topologies are often closely associated with media access control methods and protocols.
  4. ZigBee builds on the physical layer and media access control defined in WPANs.
  5. The IL used a form of Token passing protocol for media access control.
  6. Contention methods are most popular media access control method on LANs.
  7. Higher-layer protocol overhead ( above the media access control sublayer ) is normally neglected.
  8. _Activate the MAC ( Media Access Control ) Address filtering feature of your access point.
  9. The Data Link Layer is subdivided to include a media access control ( MAC ) sublayer.
  10. 1905.1 devices run an abstraction layer ( AL ) hiding the diversity of media access control technologies.
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