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• भेषजगुणविज्ञान

• औषधनिघंटु
• मैटीरिया मेडिका
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  1. Later this was renamed as the chair of Materia Medica and Therapeutics.
  2. However, it remained one of the most important materia medica of China.
  3. Epps also lectured on chemistry, botany, and materia medica, in London locations.
  4. A number of illustrated manuscripts of " De Materia Medica " survive.
  5. He became Professor of Materia Medica at Columbia College ) in 1792.
  6. In 1766 he returned to Glasgow University to begin lecturing on Materia Medica.
  7. QeR? gI?" Materia Medica for the Relief of Famine ".
  8. Materia Medica's are the collection of medical information of homeopathy since its inception.
  9. A city in China, near Materia Medica " ) in 1347.
  10. In 1812 he became professor of materia medica at the university.
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  1. the science or study of drugs: their preparation and properties and uses and effects
    synonyms:pharmacology, pharmacological medicine

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