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  1. _Matelasse : A doublecloth or compound fabric with a blistered surface.
  2. There were matelasse gold pants and a leopard-print trench on view.
  3. Matelasse skirts drew on Navajo patterns.
  4. The black king-sized platform bed with its polished ebony headboard was covered in snowy Frette linens and a white matelasse spread.
  5. Instead, my husband and I crammed into a stiff double bed with a thin matelasse cover and a pair of flat pillows.
  6. Like much of the furniture in the home, the plain curved sofas and chairs, upholstered in white matelasse, were copied from photographs.
  7. widerview . com A reputable, site for country and traditional styles, antler chandeliers, matelasse bedcovers, fair prices and warm, knowledgeable service.
  8. Khaki tops and pants were the casual end of a collection whose evening pieces were of a silvery matelasse fabric that has the effect of a rich screen.
  9. Especially striking are his pieces rendered in white or gold matelasse, an unexpected success when the fabric is used to make a jean-style jacket or trenchcoat.
  10. The obvious solution : a matelasse coverlet, an old-fashioned quilted blanket woven from various sizes of yarn that shrink at different rates to create its puckered look.
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