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• तानिका
• मैटर
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  1. Bradley, which is in Peoria, is his alma mater.
  2. He recently returned to his alma mater to profile Steve McNair.
  3. My old alma mater doesn't turn out any dummies.
  4. Damn right, I know it's my alma mater.
  5. Another helped get her alma mater lumped in with the defectors.
  6. Then there was his alma mater, the US Naval Academy.
  7. His alma mater posted a 68-55 victory over Montebello.
  8. Akis recently returned to his alma mater to present his solution.
  9. Braswell came to CSUN, his alma mater, in 1996.
  10. He has been coaching at his alma mater for 13 seasons.
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  1. an informal use of the Latin word for mother; sometimes used by British schoolboys or used facetiously

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