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  1. Orson Welles'masterwork is a movie everyone can agree on.
  2. Examples are Meinl Champagne Finish, Masterwork Avanos and Paiste Coloursound.
  3. GameSpot called the game " the studio's masterwork ".
  4. Here is a masterwork of fine writing and excellent scholarship.
  5. Even supporters wondered if McCarthy could again measure up to his masterwork.
  6. So, it seems, must any other conception of a masterwork.
  7. Levine kept the orchestra and singers buoyant as befits this sunny masterwork.
  8. The pyxis of al-Mughira is a masterwork of the genre.
  9. This pulpit with its dramatic scenes has become his masterwork.
  10. The ceiling painted by Alessandro Tiarini is considered his masterwork.
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