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  1. Ruskin endowed the drawing mastership with ?000 of his own money.
  2. No better guide on the way to mastership can be imagined.
  3. A Jansenist controversy was brought to a head under his mastership.
  4. The school council chose to open the head mastership to new applicants.
  5. He showed outstanding degree of personal courage and military mastership.
  6. He held the Mastership until he died, unmarried, in 1759.
  7. He also declined the mastership of Trinity College, Cambridge.
  8. Samuel Clarke held the mastership of the hospital, and recommended Jackson.
  9. He was succeeded to the Grand Mastership by Gonzalo Martel.
  10. Jansenism and Gallicanism continued spreading in the French order during his mastership.
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  1. the position of master
  2. the skill of a master

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