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  1. Moreover, single-masted Bermudian sloops were optimized for speed.
  2. She was the largest three masted barque ever built in Canada.
  3. She was a combined steamship and two-masted sailing ship.
  4. On these coins were depictions of two strongly constructed masted ships.
  5. The boats used were very graceful two-masted luggers.
  6. Immediately the planning for a larger three masted vessel began.
  7. This three-masted vessel has sailed continuously since her launch date.
  8. The picture to the right shows the original wooden masted Gunter sailplan.
  9. is a Japanese four-masted 1930 ship of the same name.
  10. They premiered on the Gazela, a historic three masted tall ship.
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  1. having or furnished with a mast; often used in combination; "probably was so masted when she set forth"- S.E.Morrison; "a three-masted bark"

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