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  1. Methodists and Quakers especially worked to convince slaveholders to manumit slaves.
  2. Although supporting abolition, Morton fails to manumit Althesa and their daughters.
  3. In addition, they encouraged slaveholders to manumit their slaves.
  4. At least 23 Jewish refugee children attended Manumit.
  5. After marrying, he chose to manumit the slaves he had inherited by marriage.
  6. In 2008, Murray released his first album entitled " Manumit ".
  7. Hooker briefly took " ownership " of Pennington in order to manumit him in the US.
  8. Pringle tried to arrange to have Wood manumit Prince, so she would have legal freedom.
  9. In 1948, Kahn was sent to the progressive Manumit boarding school in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  10. Methodist, Quaker and Baptist preachers traveled in the South, appealing to slaveholders to manumit their slaves.


  1. free from slavery or servitude

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