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  1. The word " manumission " means the freeing of a slave.
  2. Thus he felt it was a very weak form of manumission.
  3. Most southern states tightened restrictions on manumission, effectively ending it.
  4. Enslaved Africans became more difficult to hold as manumission became a certainty.
  5. Firstly, manumission may present itself as a sentimental and benevolent gesture.
  6. As a result, manumissions decreased dramatically in the South.
  7. This sharply reduced the rate of manumissions in the state.
  8. He was still technically a slave, but he quickly obtained manumission.
  9. Several southern states, including Virginia in 1782, made manumissions easier.
  10. Manumission of a slave was encouraged as a way of expiating sins.
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  1. the formal act of freeing from slavery; "he believed in the manumission of the slaves"

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