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• श्रृखंलन भारक
linking:    कड़ा कड़ी मशाल लड़ी
loader:    कुली भारक लोडर
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  1. The CALL statement provides the address of the table to ZIPCO and ensures that the linking loader includes the table in the program, thus it is the fifth parameter to ZIPCO . After the conversion, the program sends the converted output, now in buffer PBUFF, to the printer through driver PRNT1.
  2. Usually, the necessary linking program, called a " dynamic linker " or " linking loader ", is actually part of the underlying operating system . ( However, it is possible, and not exceedingly difficult, to write a program that uses dynamic linking and includes its own dynamic linker, even for an operating system that itself provides no support for dynamic linking .)

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