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[ 'liŋkə ] sound:
linker sentence in Hindi

• संयोजक
• श्रंखलक
• श्रृंखलक
• श्रृंखलन
• सहलग्नक
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  1. It can be stored there at link time by the linker.
  2. The two ATPase domains are connected by a short polypeptide linker.
  3. Biotin PEG2 amine is used as a linker or cross linker.
  4. Biotin PEG2 amine is used as a linker or cross linker.
  5. :These errors are from the linker, not the assembler.
  6. Linker remembers visiting the full-size Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington.
  7. The linker needs a great deal of information on each program entity.
  8. A flexible linker group imparts flexibility and increases elongation of a coating.
  9. Syntaxin 1A, a plasma membrane synaptotagmin 9 via its linker domain.
  10. It uses a valine-citrulline enzyme-cleavable linker.
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