lightens meaning in Hindi

lightens sentence in Hindi
रंग हल्का करना
आलोकित होना
आलोकित होना
प्रकाश बढ़ाना
साफ होना
हल्का करना
चमक उठना
गम्भीरता हटना
रंग हल्का करना
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  1. Stir in 1 / 4 of whipped cream to lighten cheese.
  2. After that, we'll lighten our buys ."
  3. Give yourself a break, " lighten up ."
  4. What was there left to do but lighten up the mood?
  5. Cream and ecru are used to soften and lighten up ties.
  6. Gently stir a spoonful of whites into chocolate mixture to lighten.
  7. Lighten with egg yolks, if desired, mixing several minutes.
  8. "It doesn't lighten their burden,"
  9. The secret is to lighten the bitterness with a little humour.
  10. Where was the sympathetic bartender ? ( Oh, lighten up.
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