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  1. The first printed books or incunabula did not have title pages.
  2. Incunabula by Mansion are scattered throughout collections mainly in Western Europe.
  3. Latin printers of incunabula lacked the typeface to render it.
  4. It also has some 1, 300 leaves originating in illustrated incunabula.
  5. Have you seen the Incunabula, Hebraica and Judaica catalogue?
  6. He had a library of more than 6000 volumes including many incunabula.
  7. The Incunabula Short Title Catalogue of the British Library lists 34 works.
  8. :Incunabula are not something I know much about.
  9. Only about 100 incunabula are determined to have been definitively printed before 1500.
  10. The building housed a well known collection of 450 incunabula for many years.
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