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• कर्तव्य
• पदग्राही
• पदधारी
• पदाधिकारी
• अधिकारी
• अवलंबी
• अवश्य
• उचित
• पदस्थ
• सहारा लिये हुए
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  1. Incumbent senators will tell you they oppose public financing of campaigns.
  2. "What do incumbents do ? " he asked.
  3. The two incumbents have been climbing the political ladder for years.
  4. But, for example, many GOP incumbents oppose term limits.
  5. Four House incumbents have failed even to win re-nomination.
  6. Republicans raise more than Democrats and incumbents raise more than challengers.
  7. The incumbents who would vote on this would be grandfathered in.
  8. Most groups used only roll-call votes to score incumbents.
  9. This in turn has translated into a sharp contempt for incumbents.
  10. He has always run for open seats rather than challenge incumbents.
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