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  1. As Jordan seeks re-election, he's again hotfooting it.
  2. Meanwhile, The Gazette team was hotfooting it back to file on deadline.
  3. Like many distance runners, however, none of that would seem like enough unless he were hotfooting it himself.
  4. After hotfooting it down the ramshackle wood stairway between a fault in the cliffs, I scampered across the sand and took refuge under a wide, straw-topped umbrella.
  5. It's not one of those " edutainment " programs starring a cartoon rodent in a superhero costume who demonstrates 101 experiments that can be done with stuff from the pantry or illustrates the first law of thermodynamics by hotfooting his neighbor.
  6. While conjecture is rampant, all Boston Marathon officials know for sure _ or at least all they'd say Thursday _ is that John and Suzanne Murphy didn't win their age divisions in last week's race by hotfooting it the whole way from Hopkinton to Boston.
  7. Clooney isn't on camera enough, but he's a reliable pleasure, as is Pitt, whose grace and ability to send up his own beauty suggests he would have flourished during the golden age of screwball . " Ocean's Twelve " may be slim pickings, but when a film contains a bit as sublime as Rusty putting the moves on a visibly startled Isabel while he's literally hotfooting it from the law it's the kind of movie moment that can tide you over for a week.
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