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  1. With that, Koch disassembled his find, slung the bones into big boxes and hotfooted it to England.
  2. The complaint never went anywhere, largely because the prisoner hotfooted it to heaven knows where after being released.
  3. Ask the thousands of young men who hotfooted it there when gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in 1848.
  4. Keyshawn ducked quickly back to the boundary and hotfooted 60 yards down the sideline, trailed by a helpless posse of Sun Devils.
  5. As safe as it seemed, I still hotfooted it home for Oktoberfest weekend in Fredericksburg, 70 miles out of town and safely inconvenient for Hollywood travelers.
  6. In the name of research, we ate $ 5.50 hot dogs by the pool, hotfooted it across searing pool decks and took grueling laps around the lounge chair.
  7. That he then hotfooted it to Alabama, to dabble in politics when he was supposed to be defending against a possible air attack by Mexico ? ( Actually, a friend notes, Bush did a splendid job.
  8. They generally believe that our ancestor Homo erectus hotfooted it out of Africa at least a million years ago, reached the Middle East, and then _ according to all the available evidence _ stubbornly, repeatedly, turned right.
  9. Less than a week later, he hotfooted it into the kitchen ( another surprise since he hadn't bothered to let me know he was walking ), grabbed a handful of my leg, and demanded : " Drammich, Momma !"
  10. The fire walk at the Sri Mariamman temple drew 2, 980 participants this year, mostly young Indian men dressed in yellow loincloths and draped in jasmine garlands who hotfooted across the 5.5-meter ( 18-foot ) bed of hot coals before plunging their feet into a pool of cool milk.
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