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  1. The academy was first formed in September 2008, replacing Heartsease High School.
  2. As its name implies, heartsease has a long history of use in herbalism.
  3. Ashen is from Heartsease Estate, Norwich and attended PC World and Norwich Union.
  4. Part of the flying field survives as the playing field for the Open Academy, formerly Heartsease High School.
  5. Handyman Hall was filmed at Stanage Park, near Heartsease, Powys, a few miles west of Ludlow.
  6. By 1833, there were 400 named pansies available to gardeners who once considered its progenitor, heartsease, a weed.
  7. With HEARTSEASE, he finally moved away from science fiction with his first mainstream novel, also for the young adult market.
  8. The dominant grasses were blue joint grass and smartweed---water heartsease ( " Polygonurn coccineum " ).
  9. Furthermore, the area surrounding Heartsease is covered by the Crome ward and division on Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council respectively.
  10. In the same letter she mentioned that Mary Bramston promised to give her two medicinal plants called heartsease  one all yellow and one all purple.
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  1. the absence of mental stress or anxiety
    synonyms:, , , , ,
  2. common Old World viola with creamy often violet-tinged flowers
  3. violet of Pacific coast of North America having white petals tinged with yellow and deep violet
  4. a common and long cultivated European herb from which most common garden pansies are derived
    synonyms:, , , ,

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