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  1. The west pier was seriously cracked, mainly around its traditional hearting, and had lost about a third of its 2.9 m thickness.
  2. The southern wall is 600mm thick, consisting of two external layers of squared rubble with a hearting or core of smaller rubble off-cuts and mortar.
  3. Gippie's Kingdom follows the story of three generations of the Gibson family, including themes such as  sweet-hearting " and  illegitimate children,  juvenile delinquency, crime and justice, and the Haitian / Bahamian conflict.
  4. Their earliest citation was from an 1859 book by the English journalist George Augustus Sala : " A sly kiss, and a squeeze . . . known to our American cousins ( who are great adepts at sweet-hearting ) under the generic name of canoodling ."
  5. The glossy white or yellow larvae hatch in five to fourteen days . They feed for about forty days, moulting three times, eating the young roots or tunneling into the main root of the host plant or even penetrating into the basal part of the leaves of hearting cabbage.
  6. Much of the viaduct's stone quality and some workmanship at the west end were only just adequate for the purpose . . . but the flat-stone, lime-mortar-bedded, pier hearting carried up to 1.5 m above arch springing was an effective feature which had probably saved the piers from collapse.
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