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  1. But his brother died of starvation, fatigue and heartsickness days after making his way back to their hometown.
  2. And Petty rises to the occasion, making the moment artfully grave and showing off the song for what it is : a masterpiece of desperate heartsickness.
  3. Liz Larsen sings the role of Miss Liberty ( which Slater rhymes with flibberty-gibberty ), and she brings a winking, lusty lather to her heartsickness.
  4. But we share the pang of heartsickness he experiences when he realizes that what his son held against him was the way he insulated himself from South Africa's institutionalized injustice to blacks.
  5. But with its curious choices for guest musicians, including the trombonist Annie Whitehead and the saxophonist Evan Parker, it flirts successfully with jazz; and a powerful song of philosophy, politics and heartsickness by Wyatt, of which there are several here, can make most European pop seem like juvenilia.
  6. They didn't leave the church with answers _ nobody knows why what happened did, why a 16-year-old with an I-won't-go-to-bed-easy grin lost his life when the whole thing still stretched unwritten before him, why the emptiness and hurt and heartsickness weren't going away.
  7. Containing themes of early hip-hop and chants, it was inspired by the 1960s'precursors of rap music, as taken from the band's listening sessions of composer Robert Lamm's personal collection of old records by The Last Poets . " Bigger Than Elvis " is an unusually personal ballad, nostalgically recalling Jason Scheff's childhood adulation and heartsickness resulting from his father Jerry Scheff's traveling career as Elvis Presley's bassist, as had been canonized in the television broadcast of " Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite ".
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