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  1. The truck bounded over the side, which has no guardrail.
  2. The vehicle slid off the highway and slammed into a guardrail.
  3. He fell and slid, hitting his head on a guardrail.
  4. The driver was knocked over a freeway guardrail to the ground.
  5. -adequately cover open floor pits and provide adequate guardrail protection.
  6. His car sped through the safety area and hit the guardrail.
  7. Guardrails or a similar barrier enclose this area from the audience.
  8. Skyline Drive was originally lined with miles of chestnut log guardrails.
  9. There were also handwritten messages on the guardrails at the memorial.
  10. Concrete steps with wrought iron guardrails lead to the main entrance.


  1. a railing placed alongside a stairway or road for safety

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