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• रक्षक पट्टी
• रक्षण
• रक्षा
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  1. Wotan, Fafner, and Alberich are all guarding the gold.
  2. Lincoln said 21 deputies were assigned the task of guarding Simpson.
  3. Alonzo did a good job guarding me in the second half.
  4. They should be involved in guarding the wildlife and preventing poaching.
  5. They slid left, then right, tightly guarding imaginary opponents.
  6. A linebacker guarding Rice is like Doogie Howser, Prison Guard.
  7. The foxes would be guarding the henhouse, bus riders complained.
  8. I'm not even going to be guarding Michael Jordan.
  9. He has a Staffordshire of his own guarding his young wife.
  10. Disney is guarding the film like the Sultan's gold.
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