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  1. They broke into the guardroom and freed over two dozen prisoners.
  2. This included a guardroom and prison ward for 28 army prisoners.
  3. So you might create the spaceship's guardroom like this:
  4. The Guardroom " scene which is ascribed to Tilborch.
  5. Barracks were built as well as munitions depots and guardrooms.
  6. By 1867 the state converted a guardroom into hundreds of prison cells.
  7. On the ground floor, there is a guardroom protected by a portcullis.
  8. Under the alcove is the main arched entrance which leads to the guardroom.
  9. In 1975 1976 four bunkers Ringstand 58c, and a guardroom were demolished.
  10. On the south side is an extension with a guardroom and a chapel.


  1. a room used by soldiers on guard
  2. a cell in which soldiers who are prisoners are confined

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