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[ 'gri:ngrəʊsə(r) ] sound:
greengrocer sentence in Hindi
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  1. Coincidentally, this arrangement is used by greengrocers to stack oranges.
  2. In other words, Kepler and greengrocers were right all along.
  3. They had straight greengrocers, straight bank tellers, straight mailmen.
  4. Greengrocer Steven Thoburn is on trial for dealing in illicit produce.
  5. Tirana greengrocer Haxhi Meculi said business was good and prices near normal.
  6. The village is currently visited by a greengrocer and library.
  7. On Broadway, greengrocers set out pyramids of limes, oranges and apples.
  8. Greengrocer Steven Thoburn fought the system _ the metric system, that is.
  9. There is also a greengrocer and 3 hair salons.
  10. A greengrocer and fish and chip shop have closed and now stand empty.
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  1. a grocer who sells fresh fruits and vegetables

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