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  1. The Greenfly threat is described in detail in the book Galactic North.
  2. In their world, the Greenfly gradually consume the entire universe, rendering it uninhabitable.
  3. The Greenfly began to subsume most of human space, with all efforts to stop them failing.
  4. However, this introduced the problem of Greenfly, a terraforming-replicator gone wrong that ravaged systems.
  5. The Inhibitors had kept them in check, but without the Inhibitors, the Greenfly are now out of control.
  6. The main pest affecting roses is the aphid ( greenfly ), which sucks the sap and weakens the plant.
  7. Another possible explanation is that either the Greenfly or instructions for building them somehow came to our universe from the far brane.
  8. The larvae of many hoverfly species principally feed upon greenfly ( aphids ), one larva devouring up to 400 in its lifetime.
  9. Eventually, she catches up with the " Hideyoshi " in AD 9730, by which point the Greenflies have wiped out most of human civilisation.
  10. In their last conversation, they discuss the Greenfly, which they observe by now has begun spreading to other systems, destroying the intelligent societies it was designed to provide for.
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  1. greenish aphid; pest on garden and crop plants

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