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  1. An example would be the non-native species Gambusia holbrooki.
  2. The San Marcos gambusia may be extinct as none have been seen since 1983.
  3. Some of the introduced species include European Carp, Goldfish and the pest fish Gambusia.
  4. Gambusia also thrive due to their habits of consuming faecal matter and general organic waste.
  5. Florida populations of Mangrove gambusia in relation to 17 degree winter isotherm from data of Charles Getter
  6. The San Marcos gambusia was typically less than 1.6 inches ( 4 cm ) in length.
  7. Unfortunately, gambusia may have exacerbated the mosquito problem in many areas by outcompeting native invertebrate predators of mosquito larvae.
  8. Proposals for Gambusia population control have included introducing viral, bacterial, or fungal diseases and parasites into an overpopulated area.
  9. He introduced Berkshire pigs to the island to improve the local livestock, and also gambusia fish to combat the proliferation of mosquitoes.
  10. The " cienega " helped restore a habitat for endangered marine life, including the Comanche Springs pupfish and the Pecos gambusia.
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