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  1. They share a gambol or two and trade reflections on life.
  2. He was enjoying the elk that gambol down to graze.
  3. Monday _ " Gambill Gambols But Gambles ."
  4. Chimpanzees forced to gambol about a bare mountain of feces-encrusted concrete.
  5. Rigidity of manners to start, then the freedom to gambol and frolic.
  6. She gambols these days on two radio talk shows and the paid lecture circuit.
  7. It was not a pastoral gambol, either.
  8. Secondary schools in the area include Alwaha, Gambol, Nawawi and Nugal High.
  9. The quadriga prances in unison; the maiden hours gambol at a placid pace.
  10. The performers frequently gambol into the crowd, but the feeling is not always mutual.
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