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  1. Happy children were gambolling in the surf.
  2. To her surprise, they were all living and gambolling among the trees and rocks.
  3. The Ancient refuses, saying he is too mature for gambolling; ancients must stick to their own ways of enjoyment.
  4. Every wall, window and ceiling was decorated in ornate style, with soaring pillars, wood panelling and elaborate stucco featuring gambolling cherubs.
  5. :: : I've got a few wascally wabbits gambolling about in my backyard, but I'm hardly one to make any statement about jackrabbits . ( Wow!
  6. Edmund James Banfield wrote of dugongs " gambolling like good-humored, contented children " around Dunk Island in his 1908 memoir, " Confessions of a Beachcomber ."
  7. They were the most seasoned of world travelers who, with their working days behind them, spent a minimum of four months a year gambolling around the globe : Bangkok, Hong Kong, China, Jetta, Bahrain.
  8. A version of this song was recorded by Ed Mc Curdy in the mid-1950s on Elektra Records'" Folk Sampler . " In this version the peddler identifies himself as " Gambolling Gold of the gay green woods ."
  9. Parris came on looking like Anita Ekberg gambolling in the Trevi Fountain in Fellini's " La Dolce Vita "-an icon; within moments the icon became a persona, earth-mother crossed with red-hot mamma.
  10. Here, jocose and tender by turns but generally genial, he was Gambolling Giant, in complete control of the instrument he played at virtuoso level and of the genre he had inherited from Mozart and Haydn and surpassed them in, so that we now think of him and not them as its founding father.
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