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• पूरा पता
full:    खचाखच भरा हुआ कौड़ी
address:    संबोधन बोलने का
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  1. In fully associative cache the full address of the block is stored.
  2. My full address was Corporal Eric Rainford, 2 Supply Depot, RASC, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.
  3. The full address is www . gencat . net.
  4. The full address is Dormer Cottage, Charlwood, Surrey.
  5. You will deliver your full address . "'
  6. Entries should be postmarked by Oct . 28 and include names, telephone numbers and full addresses.
  7. On the back of the card, the user is required to fill out his or her full address.
  8. Her full address was also posted.
  9. I typed in his full address and the " home " snapped onto the map on the correct block.
  10. The system could have a full address book and calendar, eliminating the need to carry a Palm Pilot around.
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