fruit cake meaning in Hindi

fruit cake sentence in Hindi
• फल से बना केक
• फल केक
fruit:    फल संतति सन्तान
cake:    खली चपाती टिकिया
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  1. If I say'more nuts than a fruit cake'I assume people will understand.
  2. McCain once called Ross Perot " nutty as a fruit cake ."
  3. In India, Christmas cakes are traditionally a fruit cake with many variants.
  4. The fruit cake base can be kept for more than a month.
  5. It makes delightfully moist fruit cake which cuts well and keeps well.
  6. The town is best known for bannocks, a dry fruit cake.
  7. A : THE Golden Fruit Cake recipe has always been a firm favourite.
  8. Fruit cakes are typically served in celebration of weddings and Christmas.
  9. Moist fruit cake which cuts and keeps, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  10. In the United States, citron is an important ingredient in holiday fruit cakes.
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